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Volume 68, Issue 25, Monday, September 30, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

Eyes Adrift fails to look forward, offers 
second-hand sounds

By Lindsey Bowers
The Daily Cougar

They showed up bearing drum cases labeled "Sublime" and "Meat Puppets" stenciled in red paint, as if these physical relics were a sign that Eyes Adrift could offer something huge while living in its past.

All three members of Eyes Adrift have been in other bands before this one. Ex-Nirvana member Krist Novoselic is the bass player, former Sublime member Bud Gaugh plays the drums and Curt Kirkwood (from the Meat Puppets) is on the guitar. Resumés just donit come more impressive than this.

Eyes Adrift played Thursday night at the Engine Room to a crowd already revved up by preceding performances by Fader, Paris Green and High Point. All three opening bands proved themselves worthy of headlining this show.

The only thing that kept me going at the end of the night was the curiosity to see if Eyes Adrift could imitate or even somehow revive the musical genius put out by their previous bands that are no more. Too bad the performance didnit match up to what one might expect to hear from a band with such an expansive history.

Maybe itis too much to ask of a young band to put forth the same magic that another band created. Just because these guys were a part of the greatness that was Nirvana and Sublime doesnit mean this new combination will rise to the same heights. However, I will admit, I had hoped they would.

The output from Eyes Adrift ended up to be something all their own. It wasnit a replication of Nirvana, Sublime or the Meat Puppets. The bandis sound is an interesting blend of acid rock, r&b and country. The outcome is unique, and the band draws from a wide array of different sounds to create a pure guitar, pure rock ‘ni roll sound.

While most new rock bands are experimenting with turntables and adding in hip-hop beats, Eyes Adrift is sticking to classic rock while still keeping things dynamic. Each song has its own feet, resembling Neil Young, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, while one even sounded like a Beach Boys tune.

Aside from a nagging instrumental climax that had been drawn out way too long, any listener can tell that the members of Eyes Adrift have loads of experience. This musical maturity results in a very stable and bold sound.

But, even so, it seems the band is drawing inspiration and being influenced by only the past trends in rock. Without evolving to a new level in their music, itis hard to have faith that Eyes Adrift will last very long.

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