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By Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Jessica Fleyfel, a freshman business major, peruses a selection of posters Tuesday. The poster sale is going on this week in the University Center Arbor.


Houston loses out in Olympic race
After a five-year effort, many Houstonians' hopes of hosting the 2012 Olympic  Games were dashed Tuesday. The United States Olympic Committee eliminated Houston from the race to be the United States' nominee to win the Games. 

Parking issues still plague UH
Sometimes each of us desires something that we can accept as a basic human  truth, a certain fact that is always constant, always true. You know, something you can kind of base your entire life on. 

Mums the word on a starting QB 
The Cougar football team may or may not have a quarterback situation on their hands.

A Passage in Time rocks with a blend of sounds. 

Don't let the classical guitar in the introduction fool you. Authority Zero is punk rock through and through. Utilizing elements from ska, oi! and old-school, Authority Zero is the closest you can get to eclectic in such a nonconformist genre. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Houston loses out in Olympic race

Parking on campus can be a test of patience 


Parking issues still plague UH

Industry is killing South Texas

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Mums the word on a starting QB

Golf team has sights set on 17th NCAA title

Parking woes tarnish Houston's crown jewel

Arts & Entertainment

A Passage in Time rocks with a blend of sounds

Blaffer showcases Byron's 'Notebook' 

Somber Coldplay plays it safe in 'Parachutes'

Greenwheel's 'Soma' bores with worn pop

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