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Feature Photo
By Lorrie Novosad/The Daily Cougar

Getting ready for Halloween: At the School of Theater Costume Shop's silent auction, senior theater major Andrea Wright (right) checks out the bids for costumes designed by senior theater major Undreia Lews (left). The costumes are on display in the Wortham Theatre Building. Bidding started Thursday and runs through Oct. 18.



Crooked salesmen may be at work
Scam artists selling bogus magazine subscriptions may be operating on UH's main campus, taking students' money for magazines that never arrive. 

Obesity is a weighty burden
It's easier to like some people from a distance. Case in point: parents. I rarely see mine these days, and that seems to work for the best. This way, when we're in the same vicinity, we can swap pleasantries and be amiable towards one another, unlike the exchange of death threats that would inevitably ensue when we all lived together.

Senior Adrian Lee dosen't put stats above the team's success
Some people are raised with football in their blood. Senior defensive lineman Adrian Lee fits this description perfectly.

'Just Shoot Me' returns, 
MLB heats up
Funny guy David Spade is back with Just Shoot Me, Major League Baseball continues to roll without the New York Yankees (check listings), and just in case you were ever wondering what it would be like if Batman and Catwoman had a kid together, wonder no more.

Cougar Comics

Volume 68, Issue 31, Tuesday, October 8, 2002


Crooked salesmen may be at work

Two lawsuits against UH avoid court battles

UH professor contends for U. S. 
House seat

HISD teachers gain from UH seminars


Obesity is a weighty burden

Letterman needs to think bigger

Whites should have pride, too

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Senior Adrian Lee doesn't put stats before the team's success

UH looks for ace in the hole

Dogs run after the top teams

UH loses second straight

Cougars get new assistant

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'Just Shoot Me' returns, MLB heats up

'Smackdown' owes success to having Heyman as a writer

Dredg's 'El Cielo' full of dynamic sounds

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