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Feature Photo
By Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Ahh, to be a child again: 4-year-old Katy Kaiser and mom Lynn play in the rain puddles by the Fine Arts Building on Wednesday morning. Lynn Kiaser was here for her elementary education certification. Houston is expected to get a reprieve from the rain for at least a few days.



Perry, Sanchez remain civil at debate
Despite a campaign highlighted by mud slinging and open hostility, gubernatorial candidates Rick Perry and Tony Sanchez managed to stay civil while focusing on the issues during Wednesday night's debate.

Absent professors waste our time
So there we sat, as a class, eagerly looking at our watches, wondering if our professor would show up.

Impetus for the season
It's homecoming again but not for the Cougars. UH will play its third consecutive road opponent Saturday. It's the third consecutive time a team has made UH its homecoming opponent.

'Lend Me a Tenor' brings 
laughs to UH
This weekend will be your last chance to experience the hilarious comedy presented by University of Houston's School of Theatre, Lend Me a Tenor. The play opened last weekend and will end its run this Sunday.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 33, Thursday, October 10, 2002


Perry, Sanchez remain civil at debate

UH opens campus to Space Congress

Conyers of AAS is off to a good start


Absent professors waste our time

Israel wants peace, not terror

United States can't win War on Terror

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Impetus for the season

UAB a very, very special school

Coogs look to get ahead in C-USA

Dream ends--in Toronto, not Houston

Arts & Entertainment

'Lend Me a Tenor' brings laughs to UH

Weekend offers pop-driven films

Legendary McCartney headlines local lineup

Cozy Grasshopper gets jumping 
on weekends

Kaen's 'Phaedra's' stuns at The Axiom

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