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By Melissa Zlatow/The Daily Cougar

All that jazz: The Moores School of Music jazz band performs a concert Saturday on the steps of the music building. Noe Marmolejo directed the band.


Smith proposes expansion plan
For UH to play a significant role in the state's goal of increasing higher education enrollment by a half-million students by 2015, the UH system would need two additional campuses, a document sent from UH President Dr. Arthur K. Smith to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board said.

Junkies are a burden to society
Junkies, crackheads and the mentally deficient populate my résumé. Having worked with both groups addicts and the feebleminded during my college years, I've developed a tendency of equating the two. That they've both payed my bills is not their only similarity.

Sarah Flood returns to tennis 
after personal setbacks
As the walls of buildings fell in on thousands of people last Sept. 11, the walls of Sarah Floodis world were falling in on her.

Legend's timeless skill pleases ageless crowd
Sir Paul McCartneyis sold-out performance Sunday at the Compaq Center may have been the legendary artistis last performance in Texas.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 36, Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Smith proposes expansion plan

Water leak soaks street, dries UH

Victims pin voice on 'Clothesline'


Junkies are a burden to society

Always be prepared for flooding

Racial pride shouldn't be confined 
to minorities

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Sarah Flood returns to tennis 
after personal setbacks

Texas can't hang with the Sooners

Giants' rally sets stage for West Coast finale

Dimel has to look in the mirror

Tannenberger's kills slay the competition

Arts & Entertainment

Legend's timeless skill pleases ageless crowd

Midtown's lonely hearts excel 
with 'Living Well'

'Friends' go fishing, Stripes hit 'SNL'

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