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Volume 68, Issue 4, Thursday, August 29, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Screen stays busy for Labor Day weekend
It's odd how the first holiday arrives just five days after the semester starts. But, instead of holding on-campus protests demanding the institution remain open, return to the movies.

Stars come out for MTV's moon man
Jimmy Fallon is the latest comedian from Saturday Night Live's endless ensemble to branch into other forms of entertainment, with hopes of
cashing in on one of television's more appealing mainstays.

SNL comidian adds to comedic repertoir with album
They may not be as refined or glamorous as the Oscars, but MTV's Video Music Awards are just as star-studded and more fun.

UH student delights in 'East Coast Songs'
The sounds coming out of New York State in the mid-1970s are being revamped. Spawned amidst the Son of Sam and before the Coney Island
Warriors made that fateful trip to the Bronx, jangley off-kilter sounds bellowing from studio spaces were the efforts of bands such as Television
and the Velvet Underground. Stripped of arena rock pretensions and accented by a streetwise sexuality, an art conscious punk scene fought to
save the integrity of American music from its disco captors.

Clinic's 'Walking with Thee' takes a stumble
 Through an agreement with a private ranch, the University will soon have a location for environmental studies aimed at protecting natural resources and wildlife on the Texas coast.


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