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Volume 68, Issue 4, Thursday, August 29, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

Screen stays busy for Labor Day weekend

By Andrew Beard
The Daily Cougar

It's odd how the first holiday arrives just five days after the semester starts. But, instead of holding on-campus protests demanding the institution
remain open, return to the movies.

Labor Day Weekend isn't exactly Memorial Day weekend, the industry launching pad reserved strictly for the biggest stars, special effects and
budgets, but it has a few hidden gems.

Photo courtesy of Constantin Films

In the teen comedy Slap Her, She's French, Jane McGregor makes her cinematic debut in the role of a high school student vying for the

One Hour Photo, a numerous award winner at Sundance, gets a national release Friday. Mark Romanek, a veteran music video director, follows
in the footsteps of Spike Jonze to produce a solid freshman effort. Robin Williams sheds any resemblance to failures like Patch Adams to
regain his Oscar form as "Sy the Photo Guy." It might be hard to fathom Mork as a homicidal maniac, but the soundtrack, plot and even the
lighting make this movie great.

The Good Girl, yet another Sundance award winner, gets a deserved national release Friday. Jennifer Aniston finally has a movie where the
audience won't scream, "That's Rachel Green." A cast of talented actors including Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly add to Aniston's
performance to create a film questioning relationships and the mundane life in a small town. 

Matthew Perry, on the other hand, should just get it over with and rename himself Chandler Bing. Don't get me wrong, Perry has great comic
timing for a 30-minute sitcom, but has never translated that talent into a two-hour movie. His latest project, Serving Sara, teams him with
Elizabeth Hurley. As a process server, Perry receives a proposition from Hurley, taking the two across the country to a strange land called Texas.
Once there, crazy antics take place at an airport and (a new low in the film industry) up a cow's ass. Could this premise be any more stupid?

The other two releases to hit the Houston area are Slap Her, She's French and Slap Her marks the return of Piper Perabo, the blonde
from Coyote Ugly. 

Instead of dancing on a bar, she dances on a football field as a French exchange student turned popular Texas beauty. Watch out for gross
misrepresentations of Texas. Apparently, we Texans never go out in public without our 10-gallon hat. stars John Carpenter's Vampires' Stephen Dorff as a criminal investigator.

In case movies about Web sites don't intrigue you, rent his little known film Entropy. Few movies describe the torment of studio politics, the
strain on relationships and the pure enjoyment of the filmmaking process as do this movie. Hey, it even has Bono. You can't go wrong with

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