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Volume 68, Issue 4, Thursday, August 29, 2002


Adding classes can be difficult

By Andrew Fritsch
The Daily Cougar

The beginning of the semester is a hectic time for students returning to UH. Waking up on time, buying books, parking and finding the right
building are just a few of the challenges Cougars face when back-to-school time rolls around.

But the biggest problem for some students is making or refining a class schedule within the first week of classes and staying enrolled.

State law dictates that students cannot add classes after the 12th day of classes, Sept. 9 this semester, so the chances of entering a class after
that day are slim, registrar Mario Lucchesi said.

"If a course is open this week, book it," Lucchesi said.

"You'd be surprised how much movement (within enrollment) goes on in the first week," he said. "If students need courses, they should
continue looking as other students are adding and dropping. I suggest all students be diligent when looking for classes."

The most effective ways to check course availability are online at or through the VIP system at 713-743-8484, Lucchesi
said. Saturday is the last day to enroll in classes through these channels.

Students can petition to enroll after Sept. 9, but most departments will not allow it because the University receives state funding only for those
students enrolled on the twelfth class day, Bursar Gene Gillis said.

"They (departments) are taking on the expense without the money," Gillis said.

Enrollment services have been open to all students since April 15, so most classes are already filled at this point, Lucchesi said.

To enter a class after Saturday, students must go through the departmental dean's offices to enroll, Lucchesi said. Most colleges are strict on
class quotas, and it is unlikely students will be added to closed sections except for situations like graduation and financial aid.

"Next week, hopefully, there will be very little going on through dean's offices," Lucchesi said.

The night of Sept. 9 or in the early hours of Sept. 10, students who haven't made the minimum payment for the semester half of the current
semester's fees and all previous balances will no longer be enrolled in their classes, Gillis said.

Students intending to stay enrolled have a grace period until the 20th class day, Sept. 18 this semester, to pay tuition and fees, after which they
can be reinstated to their classes, Gillis said.

After Sept. 18, anyone who has not made the minimum payment will be permanently removed from classes for the semester, Gillis said.

The official population report for the University must be turned in on the 20th class day as the basis for state funding, Gillis said.

"If they (students) have any doubt about activation status, they should check online or on VIP," Gillis said.

A student who finds that a payment has not been credited to his or her account should contact the bank or credit card company the payment was
made through to ensure the transaction was completed, Gillis said. If payment was made and debited from a bank account or credit card, the
student should bring proof to Room 6 of the E. Cullen Building to resolve the situation.

Students can check financial status online at and see a calendar of important dates, Gillis said.

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