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Volume 68, Issue 4, Thursday, August 29, 2002


Power outage hits Cougar Place, UHPD

By Valarie Torres
The Daily Cougar

Cougar Place, the UH Police Department and Robertson Stadium experienced a brief power outage Wednesday afternoon when a contractor
doing work for Cougar Place residents punctured a high-voltage electricity duct bank. 

The duct bank was repaired within two hours by Power Plant workers, but left the affected buildings running on generators from about 11 a.m. to
1 p.m.

Cougar Place residents didn't have many complaints because the power was turned back on so quickly, and also because most students were
in class during the outage.

Desk assistant Kelechi Ndujiuba said he hadn't heard of any complaints from residents about the outage, and hardly knew about it himself.

The outage didn't seem to stop the UH Police Department from functioning properly, either. David Sarkozi, a micro-systems analyst for UHPD,
said there was only a 10- to 15-second blackout and from that point the generators kicked in.

"The dispatch center, which is the information hub of the department didn't even blink," Sarkozi said.

Dave Irvin, associate vice president of plant operations, said the area where the electricity duct bank was punctured was clearly marked. Irvin
didn't know what type of work the contractors were doing for Cougar Place but said that area of buildings was lucky, because it has major
electricity lines running from two directions. He said if one is damaged, the other could easily replace it. 

Irvin also said the plant had only done temporary repairs to the punctured duct-bank. Permanent repairs will be done during winter break, when
it won't be such a disturbance.

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