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Volume 68, Issue 46, Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

Rowland strikes deep with solo debut effort

By Kelly King 
The Daily Cougar

The girl-group phenomenon Destinyis Child has undoubtedly taken Houston to a new level in the music industry. With the perfect formula strong faith, unstoppable drive, undeniable talent and illustrious style Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have collectively become a pop/r&b/hip-hop sensation.

Now, with each third taking time out from group recordings to focus on their solo careers, many people question if they each can hold their own. Part of the answer to that question was found at Rowlandis autograph signing event last Saturday at Wherehouse Music on South Post Oak Boulevard.

The line that curved from Rowlandis signing table through the doors and into the falling rain should shut down any skepticism.

Destinyis Child member Kelly Rowland performed songs from her solo debut album Simply Deep on Saturday at Scott Gertneris Sky Bar.
Photo courtesy of Kelly King

Rowland greeted many of her Houston fans with open arms and a gleaming smile as they anxiously approached her with copies of her new solo album, Simply Deep.

The buzz for Rowlandis debut as a solo artist was created with the release of the hit single, "Dilemma," a collaboration between Rowland and award-winning rapper Nelly that burned up the charts for nearly two months straight. The song was an unexpected chart-topper for Rowland and bumped her album release date up from its later date to Oct. 22.

"Stole," the second release from Simply Deep is also rising to the high success standards many have come to expect of a member of Destinyis Child.

What some would not expect from Rowland is a completely different sound.

"It (Simply Deep) has more of an edge, more rock than the usual Destinyis Child sound," Rowland said.

She credits some of the inspiration for the album to Sade, whom Rowland says she puts in a whole musical category of her own.

Rowland is surpassing musical expectations and taking her talents to the silver screen. After making a guest appearance on the sitcom The Hughleyis, she will make her movie debut in the horror film Freddy vs. Jason.

Rowland got the chance to express the anticipated success of Simply Deep through an outstanding performance at her private listening party held at Scott Gertneris Sky Bar on Montrose Boulevard on the evening of the autograph signing.

With record label representatives and executives, radio personalities, and, of course, much of the Music World Music/Columbia Records staff, friends and family in attendance, the event was a perfect representation of just how remarkable Rowlandis solo debut actually is.

With the consistent achievements of the Destinyis Child solo projects, it is clear each individual artist is able to impact the music industry on many different levels.

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