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Volume 68, Issue 46, Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Donit worry about North Korea

Randy Woock
Opinion Columnist

The big stink the past week was the "revelation" that North Korea has nuclear weapons. 

The N. Koreans — who cleverly pretended to be busy trying not to starve to death during the past decade — were obviously just biding their time before they overran the world from their half of a tiny Asian peninsula. Clever.

So ... they got "The Bomb." Thatis nice.

Sure, Iim all for the idea that the unstable, delusional and violent individuals that make up most governments should not be allowed near weapons with such high potential for mass destruction. Considering the violent history of most governments, these guys should be kept away from slingshots.

The thing I donit get is why itis such a big deal that N. Korea has ‘em — or why itis time to go slaughter more people just because Iraq supposedly wants nukes. Yeah, anything that makes the world a more violent place requires a second thought or three, but despite what they tell us on the news, N. Korea and Iraq arenit special cases.

Thereis nothing especially horrific about either of these places, besides the fact that the murderous alpha males who run those countries arenit pals with the murderous alpha males who run ours. Hate to break it to you, but there arenit too many governments in the world that wouldnit mind being, more threatening or more able to throw their weight around.

The reason that European countries are so big on peace, negotiation and other rational tactics is that Europeans no longer captain the scariest countries in the world. Places like France and Britain may seem pretty harmless now, but Iim sure that given the chance, theyid both love to have back the old colonies. 

"Britain: American Lap-Dog" doesnit have quite the same authoritarian thrill to it as "Britain: Terror and Master of the Darker Races of the World."

And Britain and France, who spent most of the 20th century killing massive quantities of people around the globe, also have "The Bomb." Of course, itis not too likely that weire going to establish "No Fly Zones" over London or bomb France on a biweekly basis for the next 10 years.

So, why are we supposed to be so worried about N. Korea? The N. Koreans have far more pressing matters to worry about than world domination; like feeding themselves or, at least, the lower classes of N. Korea are hungry — the countryis ruling class blows cash on nukes. 

Itis obvious theyire not going to nuke another country; that would ruin the crops. Itis far more likely that theyid invade South Korea with conventional weaponry in order to steal rice.

So, ignore them, and ignore the fear mongers who try to get us to worry about yet something else. First we were supposed to be worried about the awesome threat of the also starving Iraqis, and now this. 

I simply donit feel threatened. 

If we want to look at a country whose possession of nukes and whose possession of nukes and other weapons of mass destruction has been a threat to world peace; if we want to fear a country that has been involved in war more recently than the 1950s (and still goes around looking for countries to invade); if thereis a country we should worry about because of a history of nuclear weapons use — and not just once, but twice — then we need to look in the mirror.

The one country that fits the criteria is the good oli U.S. of A.

The U.S. governmentis fulminations against North Korea (and Iraq) for possessing arms are like the pot calling the kettle a kitchen tool.

Itis blatant hypocrisy of the worst sort, and itis sort of starting to lose its humor for me.

But only sort of ....

Woock, a senior psychology major, 
can be reached at


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