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Volume 68, Issue 46, Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Staff Editorial


Ed De La Garza        Josh Gajewski       Nikie Johnson
         Geronimo Rodriguez          Keenan Singleton


Satellite misses another launch

Another missed deadline (Oct. 25), another day gone by.

After missing Fridayis scheduled end for phase (pick a number) of University Center Satellite reconstruction, UH officialsi failure to meet dates has become as common as Houstonis muggy and wet weather and both phenomena are ugly.

No one would have thought anything could be messier than the aftermath of Tropical Storm Allison.

But take a look at the Satellite and all the overlooked phases, missed deadlines and prolonged construction days piling up before studentsi eyes. The eyesore rivals that of what last yearis flood left behind. This disaster, however, has lasted a lot longer. And a few sunny days wonit dry this one away, either.

After being told Monday, three days after one of the many deadline dates, that the Satellite has yet to offer student study and TV lounges, Keith Kowalka, associate director of the University Center and Associated Facilities, said, "I will get to the bottom of this in the morning."

"Only the convenience store and game room are done. The TVs havenit even been plugged in yet," Alan Hunter, a construction worker with Jamail Construction, said.

Thanks for the convenience store and games room, but donit promise students something like a conveniently located Starbucks, which has been moved back from late September to early December, without thinking that itill go unnoticed if it doesnit happen.

Students may be sleep-deprived, but they know what caffeine smells like. Itis nothing close to the smell of sheet rock. And cappuccino machinesi whirring sounds are far sweeter than pounding hammers and undying drills.

The same sentiments carry over to the lounges (due Monday) and Tejanitais Taqueria (due by mid-November).

These phases may look nice on paper and serve to give the boss something to show for "all the hard work," but their fabrication doesnit rub the now-irritated students the right way.

Still, tomorrow is another chance to end bad habits. 

Surely, students wouldnit want to blame anyone for the delays. It would just be nice to have a few more choices on campus. At the same time, it would also be nice to see the construction end.

Besides, asking for what UH officials have offered isnit irrational, is it?


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