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Volume 68, Issue 46, Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Sports solicits votes

Cougar Sports Services

Was Andre Ware better than David Klingler? Could Manny Hazard outrun Hanik Milligan? Would Ketric Sanford be able to escape Wilson Whitley?

Legend or not, is Bill Yeoman the greatest coach in UH football history?

Photo courtesy of 1980 Houstonian

The 1979 football team finished 11-1 and beat Nebraska in the 1980 Cotton Bowl but was it the best team in UH history? The Daily Cougar Sports section is soliciting opinions as it compiles an all-time UH football team.

Though not exactly earth-shattering questions, The Daily Cougar Sports section, in honor of the 40th anniversary of Yeomanis arrival at UH, wants to get readersi opinions in an effort to compile an all-time Cougar football team.

Weire asking you to put pen to paper or race to the computers to submit entries via e-mail to; in person in Room 151 of the Communication Building; or through snail mail at The Daily Cougar, The University of Houston, Student Publications, 151C Communication Building, Houston, TX 77204-4015.

The rules are simple. Thereis only one entry per person and submissions should fill as close to all of the football teamis positions (offense, defense, punter, kicker) as possible.

Results will be published toward the end of the semester. There are no prizes. The only reward is the knowledge you made your voice heard.

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