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Volume 68, Issue 46, Wednesday, October 30, 2002


Staff Editorial


Ed De La Garza        Josh Gajewski       Nikie Johnson
         Geronimo Rodriguez          Keenan Singleton


Show Me The Money

"In 10 years, this would not be a place people would want to attend," John Antel, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, reported to The Daily Cougar when asked about reasons behind the proposed fee increase for CLASS majors.

Before students begin to raise questions as to where past fee increases have gone, let us examine the current state of UH.

The campus woes quickly come to mind, and like a checklist, students can recite their campus hardships.

If student protests prevent these increases, the administration can easily lay the blame for a dismal campus on stubborn students with tight pocketbooks who refuse to lend any amount of money to contribute to the future of the University.

Can you see it? The library would be in ruins if it didn't get $30 from every student at the beginning of the semester. Every other department that charges student fees would be clawing and scraping its way through the school season. All because students would refuse to pay the requisite fees.

Is this the case?

Everyone grumbles about the fees, but not much is done about lowering them.

Instead, fees continue to rise. 

Would there be any fuss about this proposed increase if students' needs were met? Probably not.

So since the CLASS fee increases seem inevitable, students can just hope that their money goes toward improving student services, both now and later.

Antel said the increases are intended to improve campus technology and will ultimately benefit students only; this is a fine way to prepare the University for a successful future.

If this is the true intent of the increases, most students shouldn't have a problem paying a few extra dollars.

But when raising fees becomes merely a habit and promises are broken, students will get "greedy" and will ask questions, which is why the University and its students seem to oppose one another when such issues arise.

If CLASS fees are raised and the administration has hopes of improving its relationship with students, the administration had better keep students informed about where their money is going.

If not, Antel would be right: students wouldn't want to come to UH.


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