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Volume 68, Issue 49, Friday, November 1, 2002



Saddam writes a letter to Bush
Dear George, Itis me, Saddam. How the hell are you? Iim sure you are surprised to get a letter from me, but it seems we have reached an impasse. I know you would like nothing better than to see my head on a platter, but Mr. President, I beseech you to please hear me out and perhaps even empathize with my position.

Americans do not want the war
Is our so-called representative democracy really standing up for what Americans believe in?

Politcal ads tell distorted stories
Democracy is falling victim to a lackadaisical society, and there is no end in sight. With the midterm elections around the corner, voters are being doused with mud rather than information regarding key issues. Unless a swift slap to the head comes soon, the future will be shrouded in black.

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