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Volume 68, Issue 52, Wednesday, November 6, 2002



Religion's not worth fighting over
When we were all young, innocent children, "religion" was simple. Chances are your religion while growing up was identical to that of your parents. If your parents were Catholic, you were Catholic. If your parents were Muslim, you were Muslim. If your parents were not religious, you probably werenit either. Things get complex when we become capable of making the choice ourselves.

A letter to the 108th U. S. Congress
Dear members of the 108th U.S. Congress: My sincere congratulations to you all on your success in what has been one of the ugliest mid-term elections in living memory. I donit know how you folks do it, which is precisely why Iill never, ever run for public office. Itis much easier taking potshots from the relative safety of a newspaper column.

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