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Volume 68, Issue 53, Thursday, November 7, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Eminiem has hopes of '8 Mile' going the distance
In 1991, film producers took a chance on a popular, white rapper named Vanilla Ice. The result was one of the biggest box office disasters of the early 1990's. The film, Cool as Ice, simultaneously ended the film and music career of Vanilla Ice, who now likes to be referred to as Mark Van Winkle.

Scarface headlines Houston Music Festival
Thereis no football game this weekend at Reliant Stadium, but that doesnit mean the building wonit be bumping.

Outback Pub has enough specials to get night rolling
Take a trip ‘down under,i or maybe just to the Richmond Strip, and enjoy the good life at the Outback Pub.

DVDs bring home award-winning hits
Whatis entertainment without Woody Allen?

The whacky-haired, bespectacled comedian made being neurotic funny. With numerous awards and respect within the film industry, heis proven to be quite a filmmaker as well.


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