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Volume 68, Issue 55, Monday, November 11, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Speaker shares ideas about Blaffer's 'Tides'
The UH Blaffer Gallery showcased Radcliffe Baileyis work Radcliffe Bailey: Tides on Wednesday as part of its latest Contemporary Salon. Lorenzo Thomas, English professor from UH-Downtown, was the eventis guest of honor.

Festival marked by many powerful acts
Thousands of urban music fans filled the new Reliant Stadium on Saturday in support of the biggest r&b and hip-hop celebration at the first annual Budweiser 2002 Houston Music Festival.

Eminiem's '8 Mile' tops box office; 
'Femme Fatale' flops
First Johnny Knoxville and his fellow misfits run off with a load of money with the release of Jackass: The Movie. Speaking of Jackasses, a few weeks after the MTV-show-turned-movie raked in a reported $22.8 million, the Republican Party regained power on Capitol Hill, dominating the recent elections.

Kweller's 'Sha Sha' bursting with catchy lyrics
At the ripe age of 20, Ben Kweller has had an affair with the music biz that most could only dream about. The saga began in Greenville, TX, where the 12-year-old Kweller played the piano and guitar. By age 13, Kweller formed a three-piece punk band named Radish.

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