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Volume 68, Issue 56, Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Mos Def sweetens 'Sugar' soundtrack
Itis nice to see Earvin Johnson racking up the assists again. Johnson, who is also known as "Magic" for his exploits on the basketball court, executive produced the film and soundtrack for the popular romantic comedy Brown Sugar. 

U2's 'Best of' falls upon worn beats
U2 is an important band or at least thatis what weire told. If a band is as important as the Irish quartet is supposed to be, it stands to reason that any "best-of" compilation the band releases must be one of the greatest collections ever assembled.

Pearl Jam brings 'Riot,' Jay-Z adds to 'Blueprint'
Pearl Jamis eighth studio album Riot Act hits stores today, and fans might not want to waste any time getting their hands on this one.

DMB's latest live CD lacks solid set list
Live at Folsom Field offers what previous Dave Matthews Band live albums didnit: tracks from the last two DMB studio releases: Everyday (2001) and Busted Stuff (2002).

Stefani, J. Lo top week of good TV
What do Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and J. Lo all have in common? Besides being rich, mega-rock stars, they are all on some of the best shows on television this week. Tune in and see for yourself.


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