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Volume 68, Issue 59, Friday, November 15, 2002


Support the Cougar Challenge

Samira Zaidi
Opinion Columnist

UH students can you take a challenge? The UH Cougar Challenge is calling on students to make a difference and support the campus that provides you with invaluable education.

I know some of you feel disenfranchised, betrayed, ignored but deep down in the negative fray you must feel a little inkling of pride, being a part of an institution of higher learning.

The Cougar Challenge is an opportunity for students, especially graduating seniors, to donate money to any area on campus they choose.

Your money can go to the UH Athletics program, your school/college, libraries and/or the Cougar Scholarship Fund.

This is a chance for you as donors to control where your money will go. Think your college needs a computer lab? Donate. Want to support a scholarship program from which you were previously awarded? Donate.

Not only would you help out your school, but this year donations will be matched by a UH supporter every dollar given to the M.D. Anderson Library will be matched with two, and every dollar donated to other areas will be matched with one.

But wait, there's more your participation counts in national college rankings, like the rankings compiled by U.S. News and World Report. One of the major factors in determining a college's rank is the number of students and alumni who give back. In fact, other organizations look at the level of student participation when considering whether to support UH. All in all, your active involvement enhances your degree's value.

We all complain of the problems we face here: long lines, bad service, no service, etc., but rarely do we rally together to do something about it.

Last year only 4 percent of 5,000 graduating students contacted donated money. It's disappointing to see that kind of turnout in a university with 33,000 students.

I personally call on all graduating seniors especially the ones who will walk in December.

I heard from students who said that not having a fall ceremony was ridiculous. Some students promised that, because the administration was not meeting the students' needs, they would not support the alumni organizations. Although they said it couldn't be done, we came out victorious. Sure, they didn't care about your ceremony before, but we changed the system. Don't just leave UH without looking back.

Support the UH Cougar Challenge for all the good you have gotten from this university. Come on, admit it there have been classes you've enjoyed, scholarships you have received and experiences you have gained.

Stop by the Cougar Challenge table 12:30 p.m. Nov. 19 in the PGH Breezeway. If you can't come by, visit 307 McElhinney Hall or contact Grab some java, a bite to eat and give the gift that keeps on giving.

Zaidi, a senior communication major, 
can be reached at


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