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Volume 68, Issue 59, Friday, November 15, 2002


Staff Editorial


Ed De La Garza        Josh Gajewski       Nikie Johnson
         Geronimo Rodriguez          Keenan Singleton


'Oh no he didn't'

The Student Government Association worked the kinks out of its election code.

The newly amended code will address problems that arose after the two previous elections. Power will be taken away from the president a major improvement when one considers that some presidents may choose to run for re-election. It will also create a committee whose sole purpose will be to fill the election commission.

The changes have apparently been done for a while now. We should be praising SGA for a job well done; for finally addressing the things that marred past campaigns; for taking recommendations from the Student Fees Advisory Committee seriously.

But we can't.

It's not because we wouldn't like to, but because during Wednesday's SGA Senate meeting, during which Sen. George Siglar reported that changes were completed to the code, something else took precedent.

A large bulk of the meeting was taken up by allegations that Sen. Ola Kareem and a group of men confronted junior computer engineering major Taire Avbovbo about a message posted on the UH Nigerian Students Association Web site.

Avbovbo claimed he was physically assaulted by the men and was threatened with future violence if he didn't apologize for the message aimed at Kareem. Kareem defended herself by stating that while she did confront Avbovbo, she did it with a group of female friends and that there was no violence involved.

Avbovbo allegedly has witnesses who will testify on his behalf. The UH Police Department and Dean of Students Office are looking into the matter. That's all well and good. If it involved a senator, then the Senate should have been told of the situation. But while the story was being told, and while Siglar was stating that revisions to the election code had been completed, did anyone in SGA bother to ask the important questions?

What happened to the code? Is it just sitting in committee or is it, as The Daily Cougar was told Tuesday, finally ready to be voted on?

If it is ready, then that, and not an accusation against a senator, should have been the most important event during the meeting. The proposed changes are good but it would be nice to have them approved by the Senate.


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