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Volume 68, Issue 59, Friday, November 15, 2002


At least Iraq fears the Cadets

The C-USA Update

Stuart H. Clements

Armyis almost there, folks. Just three more losses and the Black Knights officially take the place of the Houston Cougars as Conference USAis goat-boys.

Itis good to have goals, but the Black Knights need to examine theirs. This is the official college team of the U.S. Army. What is this saying to Saddam Hussein when our ground forces canit even win a lousy football game? What message do we want to send our foes overseas?

Well, for now, itis the Air Force thatis keeping our enemies at bay. Hooray.

But itis apparent that if there is to be a war, and the Army has to go overseas, we can take pride in the fact that this 0-9 football team does reflect the strength of our men in uniform on foreign soil. The Black Knights are only 0-3 on the road.

AP includes C-USA

For the first time since nearly the preseason, the conference has some gloating rights. Texas Christian is finally in The Associated Press Top 25 poll, as well as the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 poll. The Horned Frogs squeaked in at No. 25.

Anyway, itis a disappointment. TCU should have been donning the honor much earlier than now. The Horned Frogs lost their first game. Thatis a step backward, but theyive now won eight consecutive games.

Is that it? You have to win eight consecutive games to make it into the polls? I can just see it: the athletics director of some nameless school pleads for its team to be in the poll. The pollis response: "Whatis that? Youive only won seven in a row? Well, thatis not good enough. You gotta have eight."

Itis a tremendous feat for any team to maintain a winning streak like that. Granted, it plays in the not-so-powerful mid-major conference, but itis a respectable league. Weive got what it takes to make the poll.

As if itis not enough that TCU has won eight consecutive games, the teamis defense is No. 2 in the nation. The Horned Frogs allow only 247 offensive yards per game. No. 1 is Louisiana State, allowing only 246.4 yards per game. The Horned Frogs are No. 1 in rushing defense. They hold the rushing offense to 56.2 yards per game. No. 2 (Iowa) holds the ground runners to 67.1 yards per game, and itis ranked No. 6 in the AP. It all boils down to TCU getting a raw deal.

Ragone recognized

Louisvilleis senior quarterback Dave Ragone was announced as one of 14 semifinalists for the 2002 Davey OiBrien National Quarterback Award on Wednesday. The OiBrien Award goes to the nationis finest college quarterback. Many of Regoneis competitors are more like celebrities than collegiate quarterbacks, including Chris Simms of Texas and Seneca Wallace of Iowa State.

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