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Volume 68, Issue 60, Monday, November 18, 2002



Foresight can prevent date rape
In no way, shape or form are rape or sexual assault acceptable. The ongoing debate over the roles each sex plays in these deviant acts is such a touchy subject that it often discourages individuals to voice their true opinions. However, it is also important that this issue be properly addressed to ease the burden of avoiding pitfalls, especially here on a college campus, often a prime environment for sexual deviance.

Pelosi pick cheapens Democrats
After the Democratsi forgettable November election showing, it has been widely accepted that the Democrats need new leadership and a fresh look to keep from being embarrassed in future elections. The Democrats decided that a new House Minority Leader would be the answer to their problems.

Investors should be held accountable
Politicians and pension fund managers are keen to blame corporate corruption for lost retirement savings. The heavily partisan issue deflects attention from their corruption, and it allows the avoidance of an ugly truth.

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