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Feature Photo
By Lorrie Novosad/The Daily Cougar

It's all the same inside: Sophomore communication major Christopher Pickett (left) sees what he would look like if he were Hispanic as communication sophomore Kevin Wilson watches. The Council of Ethnic Organizations is celebrating Diversity Week, and set up a machine in the University Center World Affairs Lounge this week that can take a person's image and change the race or age. The intended message is that there is no gene for race; it's based solely on geographic location.


Poet honored with readings
At the second Poetry and Prose reading of the semester Monday, one thing was abundantly clear it was Cynthia Macdonald's night.

It's time to graduate when ...
There are many aspects of UH that I won't miss when I'm gone, among which is the seldom-cleaned dance room with wildly fluctuating temperatures regardless of the outside weather. If the teachers didn't sweep, the studio would probably never be clean, and needless to say, nothing is more fun than feeling like you're about to pass out from the heat when you're leaping across the floor. (So, exactly what are our class fees going to, if not maintaining a clean room and temperatures conducive to exercise? Inquiring minds want to know.)

Coogs drain threes
The Texas Blue Chips were closer to a lifeless purple after a dismal 102-75 exhibition loss to the Cougars at Hofheinz Pavilion on Monday.

'Last DJ' deeps rock 'n' roll gong
Tom Petty, 52, is one artist who doesnit get the credit he deserves.

Volume 68, Issue 61, Tuesday, November 19, 2002


Poet honored with readings

Last day to claim seat

Disability Week spreads awareness


It's time to graduate when ...

Porn is the world's worst evil

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Coogs drains threes

Stop, thief

Brown, Simms can't win the big ones

Second-best golfer in state to join Cougars in 2003-04

Arts & Entertainment

'Last DJ' keeps rock 'n' roll going

Stone Sour's live effort fuel rock-crazed fans

Stunning songstress wants fans to get 'Up!'

Mighty Bosstones rule stage 
with energetic, sak-core act

Victoria's Secret shares supermodels on catwalk

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