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UH receives increased donations
Unlike most public universities across the country, private financial support given to UH was up in Fiscal Year 2002. At least one school official warns, however, that a decrease in donations can be expected by the end of the current fiscal year as the United States and Texas desperately hope for an end to the current economic recession.

It's time to dump your partner
The second law of thermodynamics states that all natural systems will tend toward degeneration. The I-Ching sums this up nicely with its 23rd hexagram: Things break apart.

Coogs set table for Owl dinner
A civil war will be waged in Houston on Wednesday but it won't be over political issues or land rights. No, the stakes are much higher.

Sir Paul returns, J-Lo defines herself (again)
A week after his buddy George Harrison posthumously released an album, Sir Paul McCartney releases one of his own.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 66, November 26, 2002


UH receives increased donation

Students fight, bleed for children's charity

Expert warns of global threat


It's time to dump your partner

Be a rebel: on Turkey day

Afterlife beliefs are practices in futility

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Coogs set table for Owl dinner

Students want a coach who wins

Seniors will play for pride in University

Louisville conflict mars young writer

Women defend homefront

Arts & Entertainment

Sir Paul returns, J-Lo defines herself (again)

Runga's album a sweet change

'Rocket Man' keeps shining

Matchbox Twenty's strong pop album feeds again fire

Syndicate's 'Coast to Coast' weakened by poppy sounds

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