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Feature Photo
By Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

That's no tuba: UH band members take a break from their instruments and leap for a frisbee Sunday afternoon.



Cougars give Cardinals the bird
Dana Dimel, who was dismissed Sunday by Athletics Director Dave Maggard, wonit have the chance to brag about how heis built a winning team.

No religion is the true religion
If you look around the world today you can see first-hand just how passionate human beings are about their religious beliefs. They are killing one another, rioting, disowning their family members the list of injustices goes on.

Cougars finally put it all together
Putting it all together. After a season of ill-timed turnovers and mystifying plays, missed opportunities had cost the Cougars several games and made others closer than they should have been. That changed Saturday with a surprise 27-10 win over Louisville.

'Solaris' sparked by clever filmmaking
Right off the bat, Solaris is head and shoulders above this yearis movie crop. What happened to the art of titling movies? Solaris is a throwback to abstract film titles like Gone with the Wind and Guess Whois Coming to Dinner?. If these projects were in the hands of todayis executives, film history would probably recognize them by their new, marketable titles: "Civil War Shenanigans" and "Some Dude at the Dinner Table."

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Monday, December 2, 2002


Cougars give Cardinals the bird

1Card's not fully accepted

Arch. bldg. drops late hours, irks students

Campus Crime Update


No religion is the true religion

Christmas shopping for father

Democrats have become too conservative

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars finally put it all together

Program poised for greatness

last-ditch shot kills the Coogs

Curl. Lady Cougars celebrate 
with romp

Volleyball closes the season with win

Arts & Entertainment

'Solaris' sparked by clever filmmaking

Aguilera looks to shed more than pop image

Lastest 'Potter' rises one agai9n helps topple weekend debuts

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