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Abortion display returns to plaza
A pro-life display sponsored by Pro-Life Cougars that caused considerable controversy when it appeared in Spring 2000 and in a court case this summer has made it back to UH. Justice for All, a pro-life group that travels the country with the exhibit, brought the display to campus.

Make some room for a moderate
Here at the Cougar, as in most fine newspapers, we have a standing rule that staff members can't write for the News and Opinion sections at the same time (with the exception of members of the editorial board). It's a good rule, because it preserves the integrity of two of the most vital functions of a free press, informing and persuading.

Milligan's play earns C-USA POW
Dana Dimel was happy with his team's performance against Rice, but he still wants it to improve.

Will much-feared apathy ruin 'Wrestling Report'?
In the Aug. 26 edition of The Daily Cougar, I asked if anyone cared about the extraneous issues concerning the world of professional wrestling. No one responded, so either wrestling fans don't care about ratings and Internet ramblings disguised as news or ... they can't read.

Cougar Comics

Volume 68, Issue 7, Wednesday, September 4, 2002


Abortion display returns to plaza

Local rep encourages Iraq debate

Expansion project gets going at library


Make some room for a moderate

Now's the time for Cougar Football

College is the place to form opinions

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Milligan's play earns C-USA POW

Upsets send top-tier teams spiraling down

QB Bledsoe may lead Bills to Super Bowl

Fans will forget once playoff time returns

Arts & Entertainment

Will-much-feared apathy ruin 'Wrestling Report'?

A.I.'s self-titled debut offers nothing original

Simple Plan's debut goes well

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