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Feature Photo
By Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Airborne: University studies freshman Chris Ramsey performs a skateboard stunt off the side of Science and Research Building I. Dave Coffman, also a university studies freshman, watches his friendis jump. 


Edu. college meets tough national standards
UHis College of Education is one of only two Texas universities producing nationally accredited teachers, a status it recently earned under a new, more rigorous standard.

A modest proposal to solve sexism
Students may have more to look at than long lines and construction tape during the first few weeks of the Fall 2002 semester. Pro-Life Cougars, a group that attempted to bring a pro-life exhibit to campus in November 2001 and later sued the University in January because it was prohibited from displaying that exhibit, was granted an injunction by a federal judge Monday. 

Maggard may have eyes on a Coog
The speculation continues with another potential candidate for UHis vacant football head coach position having been added over the past couple of days Arizona offensive coordinator Rick Dykes. But thereis strong indication the new man in charge could be a Cougar.

MSM brings Christmas spirit to campus
While most of you have been slinging back cider and hanging garish, yet festive, Christmas decorations in your homes, the virtuosi-in-training at the Moores School of Music have been busy. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 70, Thursday, December 5, 2002


Edu. college meets tough national standards

Taqueria open at Satellite

Just in time for finals, UC activities kill stress

A weighty issue


A modest proposal to solve sexism

Finance reform might not fly

Take a closer at what it is that you eat

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Maggard may have eyes on a Coog

Cougars ugly in first season win

UH edges Lady Miners in El Paso

Cougars look to drown Bevo

Arts & Entertainment

MSM brings Christmas spirit to campus

Scrooge returns to Alley in solid form

While 'Sopranos' pay a visit, 'E.T.' phones homethis fall 

'Nutcracker' marches through Houston Ballet

Wintertime brings chance to experience concert acts

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