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Volume 68, Issue 72, Monday, December 9, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

'Analyze' bumped down by Bond film

By Geronimo Rodriguez
The Daily Cougar

James Bond, Harry Potter ­ back and forth we go. Until a true heavyweight hits theaters and gives these commercial films a run for their $8, the weekendis highest grossing film will go to either a Bond or Potter film.

Not even the raging bull of the silver screen, Robert De Niro, could convince audiences that his sobbing mob boss role would be enough to entertain.

Combined with a dwindling movie-going crowd, Die Another Day helped ruin De Niro and Billy Crystalis comedy Analyze That.

Pierce Brosnanis latest spy mission earned an estimated $13 million, giving Die Another Day a total of $120 million.

Meanwhile De Nirois song and dance in Analyze That wasnit enough to hit high numbers at the box office. Despite criticsi friendly reviews, the film suffered a shaky debut, earning $11.3 million.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets continues to give parents a breather in between shopping ventures, earning $10 million this weekend. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and directed by Chris Columbus, the film has amassed an easy $213 million.

In the fourth slot, the story of the gangster on the rise, Empire, didnit surpass expectations, earning $6.3 million. Starring the highly talented John Leguizamo, the film fell upon sad reviews citing its weak attempt to highlight the highs and lows of gangster life. If lucky, Empire might hang on for the 10th slot on the list; but after that, it should quickly make a run toward the urban video shelves.

Treasure Planet ($5.6 million), The Santa Claus 2 ($5.4 million), 8 Crazy Nights ($5.2 million), Friday After Next ($2.8 million), 8 Mile ($2.6 million) and The Ring ($2.5 million) round out the weekend Top 10 list.

But these movies hanging out on the list certainly will be bumped off by the coming weekend releases.

Jennifer Lopezi Maid In Manhattan will take care of the first date filmgoers; Star Trek: Nemesis will appeal to the pointy-eared trekkies; Rob Schneideris The Hot Chick will just take peopleis money, and audiences will help roll out the red carpet for the legendary Jack Nicholson and his latest film, About Schmidt.

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