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Volume 68, Issue 72, Monday, December 9, 2002


‘The Keenan Showi series finale

From the editor
Keenan Singleton

For the first time in 22 years, something occurred to me while writing this send-off. After looking at the bottom left corner photo of the front page, I realized I have an oddly shaped head (Iill wait for you to turn back to the front and back again.). I always knew my forehead was weird, with two bumps that, in the right lighting, resemble two miniature horns, but never my head. With its 180-degree angle on the back and a sizeable dent on the top right side, my head will never be mistaken for Michael Jordanis. 

But what does my Charlie Brown-shaped noggin have to do with The Daily Cougar? Arrgh, good grief, Iim getting to the point.

The point Iim trying to make is that you never know everything about yourself, never know the overlooked things about yourself until you are face to face, or in my case, head to face with them.

Kind of reminds me of my post as editor in chief of this publication. I never knew I could be a leader. Never knew I could be responsible enough to complete a daily, arduous and thankless task like editor in chief. Never knew that Iid care about something as much as I do this publication. 

But I did. And the crazy part was I liked it. While learning Quark and PhotoShop, I learned about responsibility and management. I learned about working with some people you canit stand and being patient enough to deal with it.

Iid like to say I did a lot of growing this semester, but at 6-6, I donit want to grow anymore.

This paper shaped me more than I shaped it. It molded me into a piece of the man I one day hope to become. I know I proved a lot of people wrong and fortunately, I proved some right. I did a good job; I had an easy job, thanks to my staff.

The paper had a good run. 

I got off somewhat easy during my tenure. My predecessor, Nikie Johnson, had to deal with Tropical Storm Allison and 9/11. My biggest controversies were self-inflicted, from my column "The Trashman" (plug) to the front-page teaser mishap (Sept. 25 edition) that championed former staffer Jake McKimis tossed salad escapades.

Now for the middle-school yearbook, teary-eyed send-offs. To the people I owe so much to: former Entertainment editor Jake McKim, the person who introduced me to Rm. 151 Communication, A.K.A., The Daily Cougar; to current news editor Nikie Johnson, who gave me a shot as her managing editor; to Ed De La Garza, my mentor and friend, thanks for your vision and trust; to Josh Gajewski, my news source as managing editor; Stuart Clements, the bagpipe-blowing brewmeister; and Geronimo Rodriguez, the hardest working man in ‘shobizi; to the staff writers, photographers and cartoonists, thank you guys and girls.

And to liil Cara Sarelli knock iem dead next semester, because I expect no less. 

And yes ladies, Iim single.

Singleton, a senior print journalism major, who wonit promise to streak next year, because the Cougars are definitely going bowling, can no longer be reached at

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