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Volume 68, Issue 72, Monday, December 9, 2002


Writer searches for a vaccine to ‘finalitisi

Shireen Connor
Opinion Columnist

Alas, it is the second Monday in December, and that means two things. One, it is finals week, and two, it is the last day The Daily Cougar will be publishing this semester. So, I have the honor of writing a little farewell piece that will tide you over until you can get back to our fine publication in the spring (or Breaking News online over the break).

I wonder how many of you are aching with what I like to call "Finalitis." Finalitis is a fairly common disease that afflicts college students during the last week or so of every semester.

As you may have noticed, it is always during finals week, and only during finals week, that life as you know it temporarily breaks down. 

You get a flat tire, your boyfriend/girlfriend picks a monumental fight with you, you get food poisoning from your favorite restaurant, your hot water heater breaks, you get two speeding tickets in the same day ... the list goes on.

During any other week, these events would not simultaneously come crashing down. 

They would normally be manageable. 

However, some greater power upstairs seems to find it entertaining to make them happen to you while you have three exams and a major paper due.

If this happens to you, you are infected with "finalitis."

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon. Well, let me tell you, those who suffer know that this virus really sucks. 

If you are aware of a vaccine, please notify me immediately via my email address at the bottom of this column.

Has this semester been especially gut-wrenching for anybody else? 

Maybe it was the lack of parking on campus; perhaps it was the fact that only half the UC Satellite was open; or maybe it is just because the weather has been so intolerably funky the past couple of months. 

I donit know, but no one I talk to has anything positive to say about their academic performance during Fall i02. Letis hope things pick up for us next semester, yeah? Good luck on your finals, and I look forward to seeing some smiling faces after our much-deserved winter break.

Connor, a junior psychology major, can be reached at

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