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Feature Photo
By Nathan Lindstrom/The Daily Cougar

Duck Hunting: Six UH students hunt for special rubber ducks in a swimming pool at the University Center during its annual welcome-back event. Tim Whitaker (left), a junior marketing major, won the grand prize in the contest, two round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States.


Adminstrators to act on mold
A meeting to discuss the mold infestation in the Roy G. Cullen Building put two administrators in the hot seat Wednesday as English department faculty and staff quizzed them about health risks and plans to eliminate the mold.

Labor Day holiday is essential
You may wish you weren't here. The parking is horrible, to say the least, and the bookstore is only here to rip you off.

Cougars will dine on surf and turf
After the show the Cougars put on last Saturday, some may think the football team will rely on nothing more than an encore performance for the rest of the season.

Slow weekend offers 'City' 
and 'Swimfan'
The Labor Day weekend was a complete disappointment for the film industry. and Serving Sarah went virtually unnoticed as movie-goers instead revisited various summer blockbusters. But studios hope to sway the trend this weekend with two major releases.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 8, Thursday, September 5, 2002


Adminstrators to act on mold

SGA approves its 2002-03 budget

Sankofa debates reparations

Council hears projected enrollment numbers


Labor Day holiday is essential

Fetus photos won't change minds

Hubbard's Scientology is the practicd of crazies

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars will dine on surf and turf

Returning players add experience
Cougars will ride the Wave 

Munich tragedy almost put out Olympic flame

Arts & Entertainment

Slow weekend offers 'City' and 'Swimfan'

Bow Wow, Musiq leand local scene

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