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Volume 68, Isuue 80, Thursday, January 23, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Kelly arrested for alleged child porn

By Udochi Igbokwe
The Daily Cougar

Guess who got arrested again? Mr. "let me stick my key in your ignition", R. Kelly. What for you might ask? Authorities arrested R. Kelly in Miami-Dade County hotel on Wednesday based on 12 alleged photos found of a nude girl at the singers home.

According to CNN news, the charges stem from the discovery of child pornographic images during a search of the singeris rented Davenport residence since June. Three of the 12 digital images also depicted Kelly involved in sexual conduct with the female.

Mr. Kelly has been out on bond and is currently awaiting trial on 21 charges of child pornography charges in Chicago. Those charges are for the infamous tapes of him having sex with a 13 year-old girl. R. Kelly, 36, has denied those charges.

Oddly enough, the authorities waited two weeks before the release of his upcoming CD, "Chocolate Factory", to charge him for the material they found in his Florida home almost a year ago. According to a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade police, "We had to confirm the identity of the girl, establish that the pictures were not real, not computer generated, and all that takes time." 

His recent child pornography charges havenit seemed to hurt his strong fan base fan base. His new single "Ignition" has crept from number 38 to number 21 in the past two days on the Billboard Hot 200. 

"R Kelly has some important psychological issues to work out, but his songs are simply timeless," sophomore broadcast journalism major Valencia Evans says.

But some beg to differ.

"I was skeptical after the first accusation, but now honestly, I believe he should fly to a professional and get some help," USD Freshman Katheryne Jones said.

Kellyis new album, "Chocolate Factory," is scheduled to be released in February. 

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