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Volume 68, Isuue 80, Thursday, January 23, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Take a trip to hip hop Ave for Mathematic

By Gigi Khadivian
The Daily Cougar

On an average weekend in Houston, trying to find somewhere to go with a little more flavor than the same old downtown scene can be task harder to conquer than finals week. With most clubs in Houston playing identical songs, peeps in search of a change from the ordinary hip hop music on Saturday nights can check out the Rhythm Room. 

If youire seeking the real hip hop look no further because Houston has a new spot on The Ave. Located at 1815 Washington Avenue, in the historical first ward, in between Sawyer St. and Houston Ave.

` The Rhythm Room sets it off with hip hop from the old school to the new school. Featuring independent acts and DJis, the Rhythm Room caters to your passions for live underground music, performances and dancing, happening all night long for the ultra low cost of $5 for the fellas and free for the ladies before 11 p.m., after that itis only $7. 

Brought to you by Reprogram Music, the Rhythm Room hits you with an audio assault of all kinds and styles of hip hop. This spot is an outlet for music that normally doesnit get radio play, underground hip hop in particular and itis happening every Saturday night with resident djis Comp1, Witnes, Samplistik and Ceeplus who are all apart of the Mathematic Turntable Collective. In addition to their line up of resident DJis, the night features weekly guests like dj Rob, dj Cosmo, Cipher and Baby C from the Krackernuttz. 

The night is hosted by LA and BBC (B-Boy Craig) who keep the night moving smooth like butter from DJis to live acts like K-otix, VG Skillz (both from H-town) and Bavu (Austin). 

If you missed out on those dope acts then donit miss out on up and coming show with Bobby Fine featuring the SMUGGLAZ this Saturday and the Living Legends (California) on Feb. 8th. Most acts, like the shows coming up, have CD throw outs, so you even get free stuff to take home. The evening is then topped off Witnes spinning party style jams for the party people in the house, and you cant help but dance. 

Hip hop at the Ave on Saturday nights has a little sumthing, sumthing for everyone, those with a need for live music, DJs, underground hip hop, dancing and the latest hits. 

Itis getting better every week. If you are in search of your vibe you just might find it at the Rhythm Room on hip hop Saturday nights.

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