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Volume 68, Isuue 80, Thursday, January 23, 2003

Arts & Entertainmen

Chilling thrillers start on Friday

By Jamie Wells
The Daily Cougar

On Friday three of this yearis most-anticipated movies will arrive at theatres nationwide, and on Saturday a cult classic will return to the River Oaks Theatre.

<I>Confessions of a Dangerous Mind<P> stars Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Fred Savage in a fictitious story about the secret life of the infamous Gong Show host Chuck Barris. <I>Confession<P> is directed by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh and Rated R.

The intriguing plot depicts how he supposedly spent time as a CIA assassin known as Sunny Sixkiller who made his assassination hits while under the pretext of chaperoning the game show contestants who have won vacation prizes.

The much anticipated and long-awaited film version of the Broadway hit musical, <I>Chicago<P>, will go from 77 theatres in 22 cities to a nationwide release on Friday. 

Set in the roaring 20's, it is the story of a Chicago chorus girl Roxie Hart (Renne Zellweger), who shoots her unfaithful lover. Landing in jail, she meets Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones), another chorus girl and murderess, currently enjoying media attention and legal exploitation, courtesy of her attorney, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), king of the old "Razzle Dazzle." 

Soon enough, however, Flynn takes Roxie's case as well as Velmais, and Velma finds herself old news as Roxie is now the most famous murderess in town, on her way to getting out of jail and becoming a star. The two go through a series of attempts at getting what they both want (often conflicting): freedom and fame. <I>Chicago<P> is directed by Rob Marshal and is rated PG-13.

If horror is more to your liking, check out Darkness Falls. The major premise behind this horror thriller is aimed at the same audience that made The Ring a spooky sleeper hit last year. 

Rumor has it that more than 150 years ago in the town of Darkness Falls, children brought their teeth to a kind woman named Matilda Dixon, who gave them a gold coin; thus the legend of the tooth fairy was born. But when two kids went missing, Matilda was blamed and the locals hanged her. Right before she died, she put a curse on the town, and ever since, when children lose their final baby tooth, they're said to receive a terrifying visit from her. 

Kyle Walsh experienced that terror years ago, the same night his mother was murdered, and now he's returned as a young man (Chaney Kley) to talk to another tormented lad, the little brother of his childhood sweetheart (Emma Caulfield). 

There are similarities, too: a mysterious dead woman, a lighthouse and a boy who draws disturbing pictures. All this, plus a teen-friendly PG-13 rating and no other new box-office competition, could mean another hit horror flick. <I>Darkness Falls<B> is directed by Jonathan Liebesmana

If your feeling a little bit crazy this weekend why not go and check out <I>The Rocky Horror Picture Show<P> playing at Landmark Riveroaks 3, 2009 West Gray. This timeless cult favorite is an extremely sexual musical horror movie.

Thatis only the half of it. Any die-hard <I>Rocky<P> fan will tell you that it is more than a movie it is an experience unlike no other. Witness a whole audience interacting with the movie by dancing, singing, throwing rice, toilet paper and squirting water guns. You will see men in drag and women in menis clothing paying their respects to the strange characters in the film. 

Become <I>Rocky<P> de-virginized if you are a newbee, but donit be frightened it wonit hurtů much. 
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