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Volume 68, Isuue 80, Thursday, January 23, 2003


Good riddance, Smith

Shireen Connor
Opinion Columnist

There are many students here who do not believe in God or the existence of any type of higher power. Many of them derive such beliefs because the existence of God has not yet been scientifically proven. Well, folks, I am here to finally show you proof that God does indeed exist! 

It is projected that in September of this year UH president and chancellor Arthur K. Smith will resign his position. There is a God. My prayers have been answered.

For any Smith fans out there whom I just offended please check out the extremely informative article that was on the front page of yesterdayis Cougar ("UH Links Hobby, Smith," Wednesday). It was filled with all sorts of fun facts that are guaranteed to piss you off beyond belief.

Letis start with my favorite Smith fact. Did you guys know that he rakes in $521,000 per year in salary and other compensation benefits? This makes him the <B>sixth highest-paid public university leader in the nation<P>. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. 

Take a good look around our campus. So many classrooms need new desks, teachers are underpaid, the parking lots are overcrowded and in need of repair and lets not even talk about the current state of our dorms.

The same article quotes the thoughts of the old UH System Chancellor, William P. Hobby Jr., on the challenges the new president will face, "The three biggest problems are always money, money and money". They most certainly are -- and by the way, Hobby only had a salary of $1 per year.

I cannot believe that the president of our school is paid so much. Why do we have that distinguishing honor yet we cannot seem to boost the ratings of any of our departments on a national level?

What left me feeling even more disturbed was the information at the end of the column concerning UH Board of Regents Chairman Gene McDavid's opinion on the salary of the new president. McDavid said that the regents would be willing to pay a replacement more if that is what it takes to get the best person here. Sorry, Gene, I do not know how many of the students, aka your customers, agree with that sentiment.

Our university is always struggling with the lack of funding for anything around here. I believe that if we are to have a new president of our school, somebody who actually cares for the well-being of our university community, then they should be willing to not suck up so much money for their own benefit. After all, if they are going to be running things -- shouldnit they actually care about the quality and the accessibility of education here? Letis get to praying some more.

Connor, a junior psychology major, can be reached at

Wukman, a junior creative writing major, can be reached at


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