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Volume 68, Issue 82, January 27, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Fast-moving 'Biker Boyz' races into theaters Friday 

By Jamie Wells
The Daily Cougar

No doubt trying to capitalize on the success of The Fast and the Furious is this weekendis likely blockbuster, Biker Boyz. The headlining cast includes Laurence Fishburne, Derek Luke, Brendan Fehr, Kid Rock and Orlando Jones.

Smoke (Laurence Fishburne), Queenie (Lisa Bonet), Kid (Derek Luke), Dogg (Kid Rock) and Motherland (Djimon Hounsou) are members of the motorcycle racing undergroung in Biker Boyz.

Photo by D. Stevens/ Dreamworks

Ê Biker Boyz is the first major studio feature to be directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood, whose debut film Dancing in September, was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival.

This fast-moving contemporary Western on two wheels is based around the lives of desperados who live their every moment on the edge. The bikers are lawyers and city workers by day, but by night they take to the streets in their leather jackets to race one another in a rare disciplined and organized way.

In their world of underground motorcycle clubs, the undefeated racer known as Smoke (Fishburne) is the undeniable "King of Cali." Smoke carries the title that everyone wants and will do anything to get.

His dominance of the motorcycle scene is unexpectedly threatened by a young and upcoming racing prodigy nicknamed Kid (Luke).

Kid harbors a tragic history with Smoke, believing that he is ignored and unrecognized in his accomplishments and his life. He is determined to win Smokeis crown (helmet) and earn the respected title that he feels he deserves and the reigning "King of Cali" does not.

The movie has similaritites and contrasts to The Fast and the Furious. Yeah, Biker Boyz has the hot babes, the fast rides, the street crowds and the biker on top of it all. Yet the biggest differences between the two movies are the storylines.

Biker Boyz has more character development than The Fast and the Furious. It just doesnit focus on the motorcycles or attractive stars to get people to like the movie. Each of the characters change to become better people. Even though the racing scenes didnit have as many special effects as Fast and the Furious to help make the movie work -- it just did.

Boyz delivers an intense, but fun ride for everyone. What makes the action-packed movie even better is the fact that three of the movieis stars (Derek Luke, Rick Rodriquez and Brendan Fehr) made a special appearance at the preview to promote their movie.

It may not win an award for best picture, but Biker Boyz is definitely worth spending a few dollars to see.

Biker Boyz

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Derek Luke, Rick Rodriquez and Brendan Fehr.

The verdict: Boyz is similar to Fast and the Furious, but with actual character development.
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