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Feature Photo
By lorrie novosad/The Daily Cougar
Game time: Joel Soontiraratn, sociology senior, right, sits with biology freshman Demario Pate at one of many Super Bowl parties Sunday evening. On screen, Brad Johnson, quarterback for Tampa Bay, preps for another play.


'Q' may cure GPA woes

Jane Doe is in trouble. She thought she wanted to be an engineer, but now she thinks her lifeis calling might be psychology.

Bush junta democracy's enemy
It is, indeed, as former President George Bush so accurately stated during his administration, a brave new world. 

Cougars clip Eagles late
One game doesnit qualify as a streak, but after falling to a season-low 3-11, winning two-of-three games is the closest the Cougars have come to being on a run.

Fairy-tales 'clocks' at Moores Opera House
Ten minutes to five, fate frozen in time. Itis the basic theme of The 13 Clocks, an opera that had its world premiere Friday night at the UH Edythe Bates Old Moores Opera Center.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 82, January 27, 2003


'Q' may cure GPA woes

Web bug worms past UH

Video linkage to be offered 


Bush junta democracy's enemy

Consider nature in all things 

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars clip Eagles late

UH steals pirate booty, stops skid

Foster wins 200 for UH 

UH Tennis smashes the Broncs

Arts & Entertainment

Fairy-tales 'clocks' at Moores Opera House 

Down-to-earth rockers Finch energize Engine

'Biker Boyz' rides away with 'Furious' formula 

Flashback to retro '80s at downtown nightclub Spy

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