Liberal confusion

To the editor:

Jonathan Bruderis recent editorial calling for President Bushis impeachment ("Bush in violation of Constitution," Jan. 21) first claims that the Presidentis withdrawal from the Cold War relic known as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 is somehow unconstitutional. The fact of the matter is that the ABM treaty was with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, an entity that was dissolved and ceased to exist in December 1991 and, as a matter of international law, the United States had no obligation to accept any successor state(s) as party to this treaty. Therefore, "withdrawing" from a non-existent treaty was simply window-dressing meant for diplomacy only.

Calling the Strategic Defense Initiative"illegal" exemplifies the typical liberal mindset that terrifies most Americans when faced with the choice of electing people who are capable of protecting them in this age of constant threat. After eight years of Clinton-era military disembowelment, the Bush administration is scrambling to rebuild our military before someone carries out another devastating attack on us.

Universities have a notorious reputation for being cesspools of liberalism and socialism. How can they not be, when so many of the people within them are so far removed from reality?

Rest assured, however, that the level-headed conservative leaders of tomorrow are here as well; we just donit hang out at the House of Pies.

Leo Kozadinos

senior, business

Iraq is a battleground for accuracy

To the editor:

In his latest piece ("Iraq is a battle for prosperity," Jan. 22), Matthew Caster makes the case for war against Iraq. Now, this isnit very hard to do, and needs no exaggerations to convey the point. Yet, perhaps in his excitement, Caster erroneously stated that Iraq has demonstrated "hostility toward the United Nations" by shooting down planes in the no-fly zone.

These zones, which are not sanctioned by the United Nations, have been imposed upon Iraq by the United States and Britain. Our enforcement of these zones through incessant bombings, however, is an affront to the United Nations.

In order to make the world a better and safer place, we must not engage in unilateral actions that only serve to jeopardize the lives of Americans at home or abroad.

Saif Waiz

senior, electrical engineering

Akwardly scheduled classes hurt students

To the editor:

I am proud to be a Houston Cougar. I wear red, attend the sporting events, and defend the school to anyone who will listen. I bore my friends by constantly talking about the football team, a team that plays in a stadium one Daily Cougar columnist recently said he wanted to demolish in favor of a new parking lot ("Parking calls for a sacrifice," Max Meinung, Opinion, Jan. 22).

As many students probably realize, UH is widely characterized as a four-year community college. The reason for this is our large number of non-traditional students and lack of school spirit. Iive always realized this, but done my best to ignore the reputation and make the best of my surroundings. UH can have the college atmosphere if we want it, and I expect the University to encourage it.

This is why Iim so upset with the recent scheduling of one of my classes. I graduate in May, and am required to take a specific course that is only offered at one particular time. That time is 8 a.m. Saturdays.

I can put up with that. Other schools occasionally do things like that. Itis tough luck for me, but I want to graduate, so I can deal with it. What baffles me is that the class is only offered at UHis Cinco Ranch location. This really disappoints me.

The school is currently fighting to achieve Tier I status. We want to be viewed as a flagship university in the state. Why donit we act like it? Scheduling classes like a community college is hardly doing so.

What if, heaven forbid, we had a "traditional" college student with no car who lived on campus required to take this class? That student would be stuck. The school doesnit think of situations like this. It counts on every student being 40 and working. Why?

Would UT schedule a required class at UT-San Antonio? No way. Only UH would pull something bush-league like this.

Fix problems like these, and eliminate the jokes about our school.

James Flanagin

senior, industrial distribution

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