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By Johnny Kow/The Daily Cougar

Pong on: Mohammed Jaun, a business management junior engages in a game of ping-pong at the Table Tennis Tournament at the UC on Thursday night. Jaun is an international student from India.


Armed robberies put UH on high alert 
The University police department is stepping up its campus patrols and is asking all students, staff and faculty to be on high alert in response to a recent string of armed robberies. 

Boycott punished the innocent
The squirrels told me this week that they were boycotting me. This is a lot worse than it sounds, because my main business is in the pinecone trade.

Cougars on the rebound
With only nine regular-season games left and locked in a three-way tie for the National Division lead, the Cougars picked an inopportune time to stop protecting the ball.

Searching for an Idol: America is in control
Allowing Americans to vote for the next American Idol based on talent as opposed to looks could be, in the words of judge Simon Cowell, "Absolutely dreadful."

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 68, Issue 91, Friday, February 7, 2003


Armed robberies put UH on high alert

Regional NBSE to meet on campus

Poll: U.N. proof needed for war

Academic networks getting cable upgrade


Boycott punishes the innocent

Parking is bad enough already

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars on the rebound

First pitch

Curl tries to wake team, shake up starting lineup

cougars will try to break La.

Arts & Entertainment

Searching for an Idol: America is in control

Take a fun-filled trip to the camp kill yourself

Odis, Living Legends rock the local stage

Fairytale 'Eva' an urban flick for all

504 Boyz, Baby from Cash Money drop party albums

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