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Volume 68, Issue 92, February 10, 2003


Sponsors of war won't fight it

Tom Carpenter
Opinion Columnist

The fact that an unelected president is threatening to use nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike against Iraq isnit the most disquieting concern of this impending war in the Middle East. That appalling, evil machination exudes only the penultimate stench that permeates U.S. war rhetoric.

The most disgusting odor emanating from the U.S. foray into the politics of oil radiates from the legions of couch potato warriors. They appear so eager to hurl their fellow Americans into an incredibly dangerous situation while they relax in front of their big-screen televisions armed with their weapon of choice, a remote control, so they can watch the body count rise in living color on 170 stations.

These despicable cheerleaders who drape themselves in the flag and scream for the United States to bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age think itis going to be so easy. These couch-potato warriors disgrace themselves and their countrymen when they so casually discount the horrors of war and the diabolical weapons our soldiers will face in Iraq.

American soldiers will not only fight against conventional weapons in Iraq; they quite possibly could face chemical and biological weapons as well. You cannot know the fear that putting on a gas mask generates in a soldier unless youive donned that mask yourself.

What psychological horrors will our soldiers battle when every breath they take could be the one that kills them?

And what reason do these loathsome cowards who urge others to die in a war give for their failure to hit Iraq with the first wave of Marines?

"They volunteered," is their vile and disingenuous answer. "I didnit."

Yes, they volunteered to defend their country, including the contemptible citizens who place such little value on a soldieris life, yet reap all the rewards and benefits of the soldieris death.

Whether Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction was never relevant. Our Supreme Court-appointed president was determined before he ever took the oath of office to exact vengeance against "the man who tried to kill my daddy."

Itis just a happy coincidence that he can also make a grab for a big chunk of the worldis oil supplies with one nuclear-tipped-sledgehammer blow against Iraq.

This war pits oilman-millionaire George W. Bush and the Captains of Commerce from the West against the oil-rich dictators of the Middle East. These rich men will hurl their economic inferiors against each other in a bloodbath that will attempt to shape the world to benefit their respective purses.

As Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel said Sunday about the looming war in Iraq, "The reasons given by the Americans are not the real reasons (for war). It has to do with power and oil."

Thatis what makes the abominable cries for war by the couch potato warriors immoral. They donit have a clue about the horrors of war, and they donit have a clue why this war will be fought; yet they will gladly send you and me to fight it while they cruise the freeways in their sport utility vehicles and listen to the Taliban Republicans spew hate on the radio.

Carpenter, a College of Education student and former Marine Vietnam veteran, can be reached via


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