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Volume 68, Issue 98 , Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Loeb's intimate set brings down house

By Matthew Baker
The Daily Cougar

It was a night to remember for those who ventured out Sunday to the Rhythm Room to see Lisa Loeb play a show full of intimacy and simple beauty.

Photo courtesy of Artista Records

Lisa Loeb performed Sunday an intimate acoustic set in support of her latest release Hello Lisa at the Rhythm Room.

After waiting an hour in the cold and wet weather, the crowd was finally let into the venue and led toward a stage set up with one microphone, a chair and two acoustic guitars.

The realization that this was to be an all-acoustic show without the backup of a full band got my heart jumping as 100 or so emo kids made their way to the wooden floor in the signature cross-legged position.

There she was in all her radiant beauty, dark-rimmed glasses and all. I could almost hear the jaws of the audience members hit the floor. Clad in simple corduroy pants and a Hooters T-shirt, one couldnit help but smile at her cuteness.

Without as much as a hello she went straight into her set. With her feet turned awkwardly inward, she seemed almost nervous. Then she began singing. Her voice was strong and confident, eradicating any hint of uneasiness. 

However, her confidence was accompanied by modesty, proven by thank yous and interaction with the audience. She cracked jokes and laughed at her own mistakes, making light of forgetting the words to her own songs.

Her beauty and love emanated from the stage with the audience being the recipients. The mood was quite personal, almost as if we were at a private show in Loebis home.

The crowd sitting at her feet swayed and sang along to ballads such as her hit "Stay" that spoke of love and beauty, lost and found. The show couldnit have had a more campfire feel even if weid had marshmallows.

When asked about the support she received when starting her career in music, Loeb replied that her siblings strongly supported her, while her parents questioned the endeavor. But they support her now in all ways. 

"I encourage everyone to follow their hearts," Loeb said.

Before Loeb hit the stage, Nashvilleis Will Hoag presented a genre of alternative rock that has almost disappeared. With a style that crosses those of Blues Travelers, Black Crows and Counting Crows, he blew the audience away with personal lyrics. Song titles such as "The King of Gray" and "Iill be a fool again" show the emotional motivation driving this artistis music.

Exit Will Hoag and enter some schmaltzy DJ from Mix 96.5. The audience was forced to sit through his boring banter of radio announcements and cheesy prize giveaways before he "warmed up" the crowd for Loeb.

Lisa Loeb

The Rhythm Room

1815 Washington Ave.

The verdict: The show was a huge success and definitely worth the time and money.

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