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Volume 68, Issue 98 , Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Last 2D fighter, Guilty Gear X2, is out on PS2

By Paul Saleeba
The Daily Cougar

Guilty Gear X2 for Playstation 2 is the last of the 2D fighters that have included such arcade and console hits such as the Street Fighter series,arvel/SNK Vs Capcom, DarkStalkers, Killer Instinct and others. This game is a fitting farewell to the genre, bringing us a sweet heavy metal soundtrack, anime inspired characters and backgrounds, flowing smoothly at 60 frames per second.

This game is less of a sequel to the first Guilty Gear as it is an upgrade. The game play is the same with four new characters, some character changes and moves switched up. Not that this is bad thing in any way. The first game featured, one of the most original fighting schemes seen in years, but had a few balance issues where one character was hideously overpowered, thankfully, this isnit the case this time around.

What stands out the most in this game is the control, while button mashing is perfectly acceptable and can win a few rounds; the game rewards you more if you learn its fighting system. For example, one could easily pull off a three hit combo with any of the characters, but youill get better results if you time your hits properly and will be able to dish out more hits. Every character has a "combo breaker" similar to that featured in Killer Instinct. However, its called a burst, which is to prevent people from abusing the combo system and trapping people in the corner until they die, which after 10 years of Street Fighters is still a problem of sorts in most fighting games. 

This game rewards aggressiveness and punishes those who "turtle" or play pure defense, defense is good, but this game is all about fast combos and counterstrikes.

Indeed this game does take a lot from its predecessors. One shot instant kills, blocking counters, super moves as well as the standard assortment of fireballs, flaming kicks, and other anime inspired moves one would expect to find in an episode of Dragon Ball Z or Samurai X. This game looks better than most anime, the character designs could easily come out of Cowboy Bebop or Vampire Hunter D. 

Very slick stuff, the game itself for the Playstation 2 console includes a few anime clips for each character plus a gorgeously drawn anime opening for the game. The only downside to the Playstation 2is release is the controls will very quickly wear your fingers out, so getting an arcade stick for this necessary.

This is probably the last 2D fighting game since the next Capcom fighter franchise will be 3D.

Guilty Gear X2
Developer/publisher: Sammy
Playstation 2 and Arcade

verdict I would recommend this to anyone who wants a great fighting game because of its near flawless design, gorgeous graphics, fast paced battles and rocking soundtrack
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