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Volume 68, Issue 99, Wednesday, February 19, 2003 

Arts & Entertainment


Skewed art sculptures on exhibit at the CAM
The Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston will present the first American retrospective honoring an artist who died in August 2001 with its exhibit Juan Munoz

Stiff competition getting ready for the Grammys 
If the last episode of Joe Millionaire didnit satisfy your thirst for vicarious excitement and suspense, donit worry, just make sure to tune into CBS Sunday evening.

Catbirds Cocktail a perfect hangout
Youill find Catbirds Cocktails & Trivia tucked into a small strip center on lower Westheimer next to a tattoo parlor, with small neon signs in the window.

Barry's 'Goverment' a slick, futuristic tale 
Jennifer Government is the latest novel from Max Barry, an Australian satirist and author of the novel Syrup. 

Bands are to blame for recent downfall of local music scene
A lot of people complain about the lack of support our local music scene receives, and itis true.


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