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University's graduation ceremonies set for May
The University has released the schedule of spring graduation ceremonies for UH's 13 colleges.

Differences should not justify hate
The other day, my good friend, who is gay, was called a "faggot." The guy who called him this said he never understood why gay guys were beat up, but now that he's met a few, he understands and believes that it is right. Why is the world filled with so much hate and animosity toward homosexuals?

Dream Girl
Sancho Lyttle is a lot like Hakeem Olajuwon. At least that's what Houston head coach Joe Curl said about his star player. He also called her a great human being, soft-spoken, humble and Christian.

New Host puts real music on radio air
Let's face it, people, the radio doesn't matter anymore. Essentially dominated by the evil Clear Channel, it's filled with lame bands that get air time through the immoral "pay for play" tactic and disc jockeys who don't even choose their own music (it's all done electronically). 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 103, Wednesday, March 3, 2004


University's graduation ceremonies set for May

Building a department

Web sites cultivate a virtual UH forum

SGA hopeful Payne calls for 'active' government


Differences should not justify hate

Reality TV sinks to a new low

Marriage issue not black and white

Staff editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Dream Girl

Cooley's first start of '04 is enough for No. 25 Bears

UH pillages from Pirates

Coogs can't afford to lose

Arts & Entertainment

New Host puts real music on radio air

Out of Control

'Decline II' documents hair metal's hilarity

Wilson, Stiller team up to fail

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