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Former dean picked for interim provost job
A former UH dean and the Faculty Senate's top recommendation has been named interim UH System senior vice chancellor and UH provost until a final candidate is culled from a national search.

Rage relieves stress from the road
Driving education standards are far too lax these days. Every day on my way to and from UH, I find myself invariably caught behind someone who was obviously given his license by an instructor that was either high, didn't care or both. In essence, the road is full of jerks that don't know a turn signal from a horn. Obviously not, since they interchange the two by honking whenever they change lanes with no signal and nearly hit me.

Texans' bandwagon swells with victory
The Texans thumped off Miami -- big whoop. Give the city a couple losses and Houston fans will be back to normal.

Yan's Sushi great for college budget
Yan Sushi is a brand-new Japanese restaurant in the Montrose area that's causing a buzz among sushi lovers on a limited budget. Housed in a small, brightly colored building and surrounded by bars, cafes and tattoo parlors, it's quickly becoming one of the neighborhood's most popular dining destinations.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 11, Tuesday, September 9, 2003


Former dean picked for interim provost job

Pay raises coming for faculty and staff

UH pranksters tricked Owls

Copy Center closure leaves staff future unclear


Rage relieves stress from the road

Cost of helping Iraq casts doubts

In era of rising education costs, students lose

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Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Texans' bandwagon swells with victory

Radio show unites UH fans

Florida winded after shocking loss to Miami

Arts & Entertainment

Yan's Sushi great for college budget

ZZ Top's Mescalero religious experience

Moores to host two-day fest

Smiles' 'Noise' halts musical revolution

Gahan's 'Monsters' new mode of thought

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