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Volume 69, Issue 12, Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Arts & Entertainment


Oneten Studios helps the modest artist
Houston's best asset, no doubt, is its art scene. At any given time there is a barrage of openings and shows ranging from the politically charged to world-renowned artists like Monet. But for many artist and art buffs the gallery scene has become a place only known to the yuppies and the wealthy.

'Ali G' deserves more recognition
Keep in mind that I saw Ali G In Da House with four different people and only one person liked it--me. Comments included, 'crappy, horrible and the worst movie ever made." But I find Sasha Baron Cohen's brand of humor refreshing. His show on HBO has generated a cult following, and his racially ambiguous British thug character "Ali G" has taken on a life of its own. 

311 evolves for the next generation of rock fans
Imagine the first day you ever fell in love, or the most fun you've ever had with your friends. Think back to sunny days at the beach, or the biggest mistake you'll never regret. 311's seventh full length release, Evolver captures the spirit of life through rasta inspired feel-good vibes, as the band finally drops the psychedelic attitude of earlier albums and just gets back to the basics.

How great bands create lame, unoriginal music genres
How is it that great bands can spawn horrible genres? It's a baffling question that can only be answered on the assumption that the new bands lack originality and creativity. Here are a few examples of great artists who inspired acts that now pollute the airwaves with their musical abortions.

Morcheeba puts together the 'Parts'
Morcheeba's uplifting new album Parts of the Process is an essential asset for long drives in the car and the perfect backdrop for all the little self-reflective moments in life. The CD is a collaboration of Morcheeba's older works, and is great for anyone that has missed out on Sky Edward's sensational voice, as well as the inventive programing and playing of Ross and Paul Godfrey that have helped Morcheeba sketch its nitch in the world of dance and chill music.


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