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Volume 69, Issue 12, Wednesday, September 10, 2003



Church not separate from state
A moment of silence please before you start reading this column. 

Thank you. And don't forget the pledge of allegiance. 

Now didn't that feel good? I mean a moment of reflection; a chance to put things in perspective really does set the rest of the day. 

But at what cost? 

Cease-fire failed in Gaza strip
My chronic hostility against squirrels is a long-standing tradition, outlined in The Daily Cougar's archives: they mug me at night and try to steal my nuts; they stab innocent bystanders. I chase them up trees and punt them across the lawn. Well, I might.

File-sharers aren't the bad ones
Scanning the paper on Monday, I was not too surprised to see the Associated Press' newest story on The United States' most pressing ongoing crisis. And I don't mean Bush's $87 billion war allowance. I'm talking about online music file- sharing -- possibly the most widespread heinous act of crime since the prohibition experiment.

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