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By Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Smokin': Student organizers of the "Cougar Rodeo" dispose of dry ice at the University Center on Tuesday afternoon after the marketing event was canceled because of heavy rain. Sunnier skies are expected to prevail today.


Jump in UH's light bill less than predicted
The cost of electricity under a new contract at the University was expected in February to increase by 40 or 50 percent this spring, but final numbers show the increase will likely be closer to 18 percent, Associate Vice President for Plant Operations David Irvin said.

Save the music by sharing it
Mistrust of most capitalist enterprises pervades the opinion columns of college newspapers everywhere, so why stop here? Lies and contradictions have pushed many people to take the proverbial dumpster-dive toward truth, but the truths they find aren't much different from newspaper headlines and by the time they enter idle conversation, they are usually distorted.

A cut above the rest
With just 18 issues of The Daily Cougar remaining after today, it's time to start reflecting back. The DC Sports staff is giving you, the reader, a unique opportunity to join in.

Arrogance spawns too many bad poets
You know how many people are quick to praise pseudo-intellectual-faux-tortured rock musicians as poetic geniuses? It's pretty sickening. Not only does it degrade poetry but rock 'n' roll as well.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 123, Wednesday, April 7, 2004


Jump in UH's light bill less than predicted

Experts on Russia to meet at UH

Bookstore deal ends fund-raiser

New beat for organ program


Save the music by sharing it

Irony is for sale, and it is pricey

Patience makes life much easier

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


A cut above the rest

Former UH star Ware to join HOF

Former Cougars lend youth a paw

Arts & Entertainment

Arrogance spawns too many bad poets

Ten years rolled up into one record

Eclectic musicians put together tasty music

Slum village classic simply 'Fantastic'

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