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By Manuel Rearte/The Daily Cougar

In Review: Undergraduate graphic design majors review work posted as part of the twice-annual Block Review, which determines who will be admitted to the fall Major Block. The block, according to the Department of Art, is an "uninterrupted workday for focused studio experience" in the various art disciplines.


Oberholtzer store employee stabbed
A cashier at the Oberholtzer Hall convenience store was involved in an altercation outside the store Friday afternoon that resulted in him being wounded on the head and arm.

Altered genes cause for alarm
The only section in the newspaper that I read less of than sports is business. However, something in the business section of Saturday's Houston Chronicle caught my eye. It was an article on bioengineering grass for golf courses. 

Mick kills monkey at Masters
Forty-two major appearances. Fifteen major top ten finishes. Eight major top 3 finishes. Twenty-two PGA Tour victories. No major championship victories.  Phil Mickelson was tired of the numbers. As he prowled the fairways Sunday afternoon, Mickelson was fully aware of the near-misses, the also-rans, the what-ifs and the why nots that haunted his footsteps. 

Messiah returns after top 10 death
Jesus was killed, and after three days, he returned to show his faithful that he had ascended to his true throne. The Passion of the Christ fell from the top spot on the box office top 10, and after three weeks, it has returned to show its faithful that it too has ascended to far exceed expectations.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 126, Monday, April 16, 2004


Oberholtzer store employee stabbed

Bauer cutting night classes

UH student robbed in parking lot

Pair speeds into 'ChemE Car' challenge


Altered genes cause for alarm

Suggestive clothing invites disrespect

Students seen as inferior consumers

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Mick kills monkey at Masters

UH leaves some dust

Cougars wipe away the kinks

Arts & Entertainment

Messiah returns after top 10 death

Elmore does her own thing

Sugarcult disappoints fans of 'Static'

36 Crazyfists punch holes in hardcore

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